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Bangladesh’s new 350cc bike permit granted

Finally, the credit card limit has been raised in Bangladesh, and the administration is developing plans for the VAT, tax, and manufacturing legislation.

The motorcycle business in Bangladesh is growing daily. Popular Chinese and European companies are also expressing interest in it and releasing contemporary motorcycles with plenty of features, in addition to the Japanese and Indian brands. The 165cc limit in Bangladesh prevents motorbike manufacturers from introducing their high-end models here. The majority of the intriguing products from Japanese, Indian, and European firms fall into the higher CC class, however they were unable to be released because of the CC cap. Which bike would you want to purchase if you learned the CC restriction had been lifted one morning?

We have certain misconceptions regarding expensive motorcycles. Many people believe that because high-end motorcycles can travel at top speeds of more than 200 km/h, they must be the primary factor in accidents. The fact that high-end motorcycles have greater control, excellent brakes, ideal seating and riding postures, cutting-edge equipment, and many other advantages is seldom mentioned. What would the Bangladeshi motorbike market look like if the government raised the CC limit from 165cc to 350cc? Here, we’ve compiled a list of seven thrilling motorcycles that, if they qualified for the 350cc category, would rule the streets.

Several Chinese and European brands may possibly join the party in addition to these motorcycles. It is difficult to foresee which businesses will emerge and which motorcycles will be introduced, though. Let’s now go over the top 5 motorcycles that would rule the highways.

Bangladesh will permit the production of 500cc and smaller bikes, but it will prohibit the usage of motorcycles with engines larger than 165cc.

To place limitations on the import of motorbikes with an engine capacity of more than 165cc for domestic usage, the Ministry of Commerce is modifying the Import Policy Order 2021-24.

To produce motorcycles up to 500cc for export, producers will only be permitted to import equipment or components.

The Bangladesh Motorcycle Assemblers and Manufacturers Association and the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) are opposed to the restrictions outlined in the revised import policy.

The current regulation allows authorised motorcycle manufacturers to import equipment or components for the manufacture of motorcycles up to 500cc. However, it is unknown if these motorcycles can be used domestically or if they must be exported.

The Ministry of Commerce’s Senior Secretary, Tapan Kanti Ghosh, recently met with interested parties to discuss revising the import order. In the conference, it was determined that high-capacity bikes made with imported parts and accessories should be exported and were not allowed for domestic use. bikes with engine sizes up to 165cc might be imported for use in the nation.

In a letter dated January 26 objecting to the decision, FBCCI reminded the Ministry of Commerce that motorcycle manufacturers had already made significant investments in research, planning, and factory setup for the manufacturing of motorcycles up to 500cc for export.

Export revenue cannot fully offset this financial commitment. Furthermore, selling motorcycles locally first before exporting them is vital to maintain competitiveness in the global market and raise the quality of locally produced motorcycles, according to the top business organisation of the nation.

The Ministry of Commerce was informed in a separate letter by Matiur Rahman, the president of the Motorcycle Manufacturers Association, that several motorcycle manufacturing businesses had made preparations for the production of high-performance motorcycles, including the building of facilities.

The letter said, “Furthermore, if companies can sell high-performance motorcycles in the local market before entering the highly competitive international market, it will not only improve their quality but also save on investment costs.”

Unlocking the Power: Exploring Bangladesh’s new 350cc bike permit 2023

Motorcycles with up to 350cc engines are now legal to sell in Bangladesh, according to the authorities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs gave this the final go on Thursday, according to Taskeen Ahmad, Vice-Chairman of the IFAD Group.

They currently have high hopes for the 350cc Royal Enfield that the company will formally introduce to the domestic market in June of 2019. Following that, the business intends to start selling its goods abroad.

Bangladesh's new 350cc bike permit granted
Bangladesh’s new 350cc bike permit granted

Motorcycles with engines larger than 165cc were previously prohibited from entering the nation. But thanks to this latest ruling, additional high-capacity motorcycle manufacturers can now enter the Bangladeshi market in addition to the impending Royal Enfield models from IFAD.

Taskeen Ahmad disclosed that following discussions with Royal Enfield, the IFAD Group attempted to persuade the government to raise the country’s motorbike engine capacity limit. In 2021, the Ministry of Industries approved preliminary production as a result of our investments, he claimed. However, local sales were not allowed due to security issues. The requisite clearance has now been granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

There was previously no set procedure in Bangladesh for importing motorcycles with engines larger than 165cc, the speaker added. Several businesses are now prepared to invest in the high-capacity motorbike industry as a result of these entrance hurdles being lifted.

A motorcycle factory being built by IFAD Motors in Chaudagram Upazila, Cumilla, would produce legendary Royal Enfield motorcycles with 350cc engines.

Dr. F.H. Ansari, the managing director of ACI Motors, Yamaha Motor Bangladesh’s exclusive distributor and manufacturing partner, confirmed the announcement and stated, “This is fantastic news for the country. The safety of motorcycles improves with increasing CC. The CC limit was essential for the construction of the nation’s basic infrastructure. The nation’s motorbike sales will rise as a result of this permission, and this industry will draw new investments.

The Ministry of Industries had previously alerted the Ministry of Commerce to the contradictory justifications for establishing and changing the import policy. The Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission suggested adding an extra registration charge for motorcycles with large engine capacities to settle this argument.

Approximately Tk 80 billion has already been invested in the motorbike business in Bangladesh. Motorcycle prices have dropped by almost a third in the four years since the government started implementing policy incentives for local manufacture.

Compared to less than two lakh units in 2016, annual sales have surpassed the five lakh unit threshold.

High CC bikes could start appearing on local roads as early as January of next year, according to Biplob Kumar Roy, CEO of TVS Auto Bangladesh and Secretary-General of the Bangladesh Motorcycle Assemblers and Manufacturers Association (BMAMA).

He stated that the majority of businesses produce goods with high CCs and that there will be healthy rivalry among brands in the market.

Indian, Japanese, and local motorcycle manufacturers as well as international names like Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda are among the most well-known motorcycle brands in the nation. Sales of motorcycles are rising as demand for them grows along with traffic congestion and ride-sharing’s popularity.

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