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The price of eggs 2023 in the wholesale market has somewhat decreased as a result of the news of egg imports

Price of eggs the revelation of egg imports has caused the price of eggs in wholesale markets to begin to decline. Today it was discovered that the cost of 100 eggs had dropped from 15 to 20 Taka in the capital’s wholesale marketplaces. The retail market, however, has not been similarly impacted. While brown eggs are sometimes sold for 144 taka per dozen, most stores continue to charge 150 taka or more per dozen.

After visiting and speaking with traders on Tuesday in the Moghbazar and Malibagh marketplaces in the capital, it was discovered that dealers had bought 100 brown eggs in bulk for 1,125 to 1,130 taka on Tuesday, which was 1,140 to 1,145 taka on Wednesday.

100 white price of eggs you about 1,105 taka. Retail vendors are also selling white eggs for 144 to 145 taka per dozen, which is a little less expensive.

An egg vendor named Tanveer Hasan told in the capital’s Malibagh market that “the wholesale price of eggs has reduced by 15 taka since yesterday. We are also attempting to sell eggs at the set price of eggs by the government. You won’t make much money selling eggs for 12 taka, though.

The same emotion is echoed in the statements of Mohammad Samchuddin, an egg vendor at Moghbazar market. He assured that they could sell eggs for 12 taka and still turn a profit, even if the price of eggs marginally decreased. Now, there is no profit if you sell eggs for 12 taka.

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Retail vendors have been seen in the market selling price of eggs for 48 taka, whereas farm chicken brown eggs are typically sold for 50 taka or more.

Over the last two years, price of eggs have risen. However, price of eggs last year went as high as 60 taka. One price of eggs 28 to 30 taka in the market in January 2021, according to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

There is less chance of further price increases in eggs, according to Mohammad Amanat Ullah, president of the Tejgaon Egg Traders Association, even if the egg market is currently stable. The market is now stable, and price of eggs have not changed significantly. They are not witnessing any crisis situations, he claimed.

The government has since permitted businesses to import eggs, mostly from India. Additionally, efforts are being undertaken to import eggs from Azerbaijan and Indonesia. Eggs from India may take up to a week to import.

Bangladesh has a ban on the import of eggs. If necessary, the Ministry of Commerce may authorise imports with the Ministry of Livestock’s consent. Eggs are subject to a 25% import charge, a 5% advance tax, and a 3% regulatory fee, per the tariff schedule (2023–24). 33% of the entire cost is taxes. As a result, 100 taka worth of eggs must be imported with a 33 taka import duty.

Six import companies recently requested to the Ministry of Commerce for authorization to import 51 crore eggs in November of last year as a result of the country’s egg shortage and high price of eggs. They were not given permission at the time. However, the Ministry of Commerce has permitted four businesses to import 4 crore eggs. In addition to the import authorization, the maximum price of eggs in retail stores has been set at 12 taka.

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