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BPL 2024: There is a brand-new team in the Bangladesh Premier League called Durdanta Dhaka

One franchise had already changed its name before the Bangladesh Premier League’s (BPL) tenth season.

BPL The forthcoming season of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), which was announced on Saturday, would be conducted in December 2023 or early 2024, according to Ismail Haider Mallik, the Secretary of the BPL governing board.

The BPL was once scheduled to begin on January 6, 2024, according to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Ismail stressed in his media statement on Saturday that a reevaluation of the BPL programme may be required due to concerns surrounding the election dates.

We must finish the BPL by February because a series against Sri Lanka would follow, he said.

He also disclosed that the BPL player draught will take place in September for the following season.

The governing board was unable to use the Decision Review System (DRS) throughout the full BPL season the year before. To guarantee this service for the upcoming season, the board has a deal with a technological company.

In contrast to previous year, when we only used DRS in the final few games, this year we will use it from the very first game. With the help of ICC, the board agreed to a three-year contract for this service, he added.

There is a brand-new team in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) called Durdanta Dhaka bpl bpl 2024 Bangladesh Premier League cricket T20 League 2023 T20 League T20 League 2024 T20
There is a brand-new team in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) called Durdanta Dhaka

The Bangladesh Premier League, the most watched domestic cricket competition in Bangladesh, is getting ready to complete its tenth season.

On Monday, representatives of the Bangladesh Premier League said they were ready for scheduling adjustments to be made in the coming days.

There aren’t really any alternatives to holding this event now, according to Ismail Haider, and perhaps there won’t be any problems in the future because if we do it a bit early, it might be better.

On Monday in Mirpur, the secretary of the BPL governing council spoke to the media.

The dates for the BPL’s next three years had already been determined by BCB. The BPL will be place in 2023 from January 6 through February 16; in 2024 from January 6 through February 17; and in 2025 from January 1 through February 11.

Due to conflicts with South Africa’s T20 league, the UAE’s IPL, and Australia’s Big Bash, the Bangladesh Premier League franchise is having trouble acquiring overseas T20 talents for the 2019 edition of the competition.

The BCB had agreements in place for three years with seven teams before the BPL’s ninth season. But one of the seven teams changed its franchise in less than a year. The Dhaka franchise began anew as the Dhaka Dominators last year under new ownership. But this time, Dhaka will compete as “Duronto Dhaka” and play for a brand-new franchise.

Dhaka was given to Progress Auto Rice Mill Limited as part of the BPL franchise distribution from the previous year. Rupa Group, however, received the franchise after it was found to have violated the BCB’s requirements.

The Dhaka Dominators’ team is not taking part in the 10th season of the Bangladesh Premier League since the franchise fee was not paid. The Dhaka team will compete as “Great Dhaka,” and it will be owned by Nutexs Group. The seven teams for the 10th season have been revealed by the BCB.

The BPL champions at the moment are Comilla Victorians.

The new squad joins Great Dhaka and the other six groups, which are Khulna Tigers, Fortune Barisal, Sylhet Strikers, Rangpur Riders, and Comilla Victorians. The Bangladesh Premier League player draught is scheduled for September 24 at a hotel in Dhaka.

The names of the Bangladesh Premier League retained players had to be submitted by September 6 in order to play. The lists of retained players, with the exception of the Dhaka franchise, have been presented as a result of challenges relating to ownership concerns for the other teams.

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